Saturday, 27 October 2012

Aberdeen planned large Mosque latest


                  Aberdeen, the latest on the Mosque plans!

It would appear that the idea of a large Mosque on the Aberdeen sea-front is picking up pace.  The Mosque which is planned is on the Beach Esplanade, near to the residents of Seaton. 

Details can be viewed on the Aberdeen Local Development Plan where readers can find out the details published by Aberdeen City Council on the 18th of May 2012. Use the following link.

Please go to page 45 and reference number OP107, quote “Mosque; Negotiations with interested parties are being advanced”

Also further details can be viewed from the Aberdeen Mosque AGM at

Aberdeen already has two Mosques; one was recently expanded in the Oil capital of Europe!

The area of the Mosque is directly across the road from the road from the Donmouth Nature Reserve, and it is also very close to a road accident hotspot we are told.

Aberdeen National Front have organised a campaign against the planned Mosque, and state in a leaflet issued to local Seaton residents, “although you may not agree with our policies, the only way we can prevent the construction of this Mosque is by mutual co-operation.

We agree.  Therefore if any members can get to any planned demonstrations, we would ask them to support the campaign.  We shall also publish any information that we can obtain regarding any campaigning.


  1. Great idea. We might not agree on all our policies, but we must support the Aberdeen NF in their launched campaign.
    I know, we hold some different ideas on Nationalism, but there are different schools of Nationalism.
    It does not mean we cannot come together and support each other on issues like this large Mosque.
    The far left work together as groups and political groups, each with different far left views. Trots, Marxists extreme left socilaists and Muslim groups.
    They work together and therefore have more clout.
    So its important on occassions like this one we join and support each other. To nick a Cameron quote WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER

  2. I agree, work together. There must also be others who could work alongside NF as well. They started the campaign, so it must be we work with them.

  3. Well said above posters and from Mr Orr, as you have all said its normal to have differing ideas as to how best to achieve certain goals, maybe a marker can be laid in the sand with this and we can look forward to supporting all nationalist groups across Scotland, I say that as a current NF member,

    if this goes ahead as well as plans for another 150,000 residents or workers as they call them to move to Aberdeen we are doomed because that will be 150,000 immigrants. Doubling Aberdeens population in a short time frame of 10 years

  4. What is the point in arguing over who gets the few morsels of scraps that are lying on the political floor? I would think the NF, as they have already stated, care not for whom gets the Mosque plans shelved - as long as it nor any other Mosque gets built in Scotland.

    I would support Greenpeace if they had the best chance of getting the Mosque plans shelved. The NF are merely alerting all the residents to the plans at the moment and the next step should indeed be organised objections through all legal means - on a purely non-political basis of course.

    If we could achieve that in Aberdeen, then surely we could achieve that all over Scotland. We may not be able to make an impact politically at the moment, however through mutual co-operation on issues like this we can make an actual difference.

  5. Well done Andrew and David. The Scottish blogspot is now a good daily read. You have both turned it in to a must read site. Politically, I think it is one of the best in Scotland.
    Back to work.
    Yes, we must meet. NF, BNP and others. Get together. Trust each other.
    This could well be the start of Nationalist finding common ground and working together when we can as comrades.
    We are bound to disagree on some policies, but lets start to work with each other more.
    Why don`t a couple of Scottish BNP Leaders, Aberdeen NF leadership and others meet in Aberdeen over a pub lunch and start talking, SOON
    Maybe we need to work as a co-operative as such under a campaign name that includes Aberdeen public. But we must remember NF started this campaign up, so we must honour that.

  6. Do you think you can stop the Mosque? ha ha ha,There will be many more, ha ha ha

    1. Why? I don't see why we should allow people into our country when they won't live by OUR ways of life. If we choose live abroad we have to adapt to local culture and obey local laws, but when people arrive here, very few want our way of life, they only want the freedom and privileges that we in the UK have built and own. If we continue to allow other cultures to overrun ours by being 'more equal' then eventually won't we end up with their religous violence and arguments on our doorstep too? since they are seldom left behind. Its not the culture people want, but the benefits. Some parts of the UK are becoming 'little countries' and we are losing our identity. It irritates me that this is happening more and more in Aberdeen, and that Scotlands hard payed taxes are supporting other causes when there are homeless people, children in poverty, and education needs that should be far higher on the agenda.

  7. It`s al very well as this talk, but physically what`s happening? Are you in the BNP bothering to chat to the NF. Are you in the NF bothering to contact the BNP. Same goes for any other co-operating groups.
    NF website says three organisations have said they would like to help. When are we going to be up dated?
    Or was this just pie in the sky?

  8. Everything reported on the NF Scotland site is 100% true and accurate and they will not post anything unless they have the evidence to back it up - they have a proven track record of that. They also like to play their cards very close to their chest so they will reveal the organisations as and when required.

    I also know for certain that the BNP have contacted the NF and if the NF have not replied by now, I'm certain they will do so when the time is right. I am also confident the 2 organisations, along with others, will work together at some point in the future although to which extent and capacity remains to be seen.

    That may be a lot of presumptions on my part, but no there is certainly no "pie in the sky" with regards this article and comments. Watch this space.........

  9. eh by the way, what two mosques are already in Aberdeen? As far as I know, there is just one small mosque in a multi-cultural city and another is a room inside university for students only?
    You intolerant nazi people are trying to get other people to campaign against this proposed mosque..why?
    how will this affect anyone in any way?

    1. 'Intolerent Nazi people'?! In WW2 Hitler personally organized Muslim brigades to assist him with the extermination of the Jewish people as they had the same agenda, and still do.

      The building of the mosque is not only a symbol of what is happening across Scotland and the rest of the UK and Europe (mass immigration from failed muslim states due to Islam itself) but also a statement of intent from the religion; they intend to get their way; to dominate; to eradicate people and culture that is not islamic and most importantly, to stir tension in less affluent areas culturally forcing out people who stand for British culture, history and values (white fly) because let's be honest - who wants to live in a Muslim society if you're not Muslim?!

      Btw: There are two mosques in Aberdeen. One on crown street with the rest of the fringe weirdos and one on the Spital. Two too many.

  10. A child at a primary school was asking me why one of the (muslim) children told her not to say 'god bless America' because it was swearing. A sign of things to come in Aberdeen.